Ayinger Kirtabier

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Original gravity: 13.8% by weight
Alcohol content: 5.8% by volume
Bottles of 0.5 l
In the development of the manufacturing process, the master brewer consulted old recipes. The Kirtabier can be classified as a separate Maerzen and Dark Export beer. It is brewed due to one of the most festive days in Bavaria - for church anniversary -. The intensive two-mashing process with the malt filling of three malts gives the beer its warm brown color and a balanced, strong, hearty malt accented bouquet. The wholesomeness of our Kirtabier is characterized by a high degree of fermentation, a pleasant liveliness and a clearly perceptible bitterness. The Kirtabier is "premium cloudy", that is unfiltered with the full basement taste for serving.

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Сидят студенты в общаге, глушат пивко. В комнату врывается запыханная деваха:

— Ой, мальчики, я к вам так спешила, так спешила, что чуть ноги не пообломала!. .

Те обводят ее мутным взглядом:

— Ну, поломать не поломала, но вот погнула основательно!

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