Ayinger Century

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Original gravity: 12.8 % by weight
Alcohol content: 5.5 % by volume
Bottle capacity: 0.5 l
This beer was firstable brewed for the 100th anniversary of the brewery in 1978. It is golden yellow color with a slightly yeasty, honey-like smell, taste spicy and full bodied in first draft, in the main trunk mild and soft with a fine recency and ends with a well-rounded bitterness. It is an especially drinkable and harmonious.
In August 2009, the Oeko-Test magazine tested 46 German brands. The Ayinger-century was assessed by the jury of the consumer magazine as the best and was winner.

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Заика в бар заходит, подходит к стойке:

— Ддай ммнее крружжкку ппива.

— Ппожаллусттта.

— Бблаггоддаррю.

Подходит нормальный человек:

— Кружку пива.

— Пожалуйста.

— Благодарю.

Снова подходит заика:

— Тты чче, нна ддо ммной пприккалывваешшься?

— Дда ннет, этто я ннад нним пприкколлолся!

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