Ayinger Cellar

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Original gravity: 11.8 % by weight
Alcohol content: 4.9 % by volume
Bottle capacity: 0,5 l
The special feature of the Cellar Beer is the fine yeast turbidity and pleasant bitterness. Since it is bottled unfiltered, it remains much natural protein, yeast and hops constituents receive. Thus it retains its original character, and the beer connoisseur finds that fullness of flavor, this beer very drinkable. In addition, vitamin-and mineral-rich yeast makes from a nutritional point of view not to be despised contribution to health.

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Один программер пришел в гости к другому. Сидят, пиво попивают. Тут на кухню заваливает огромный серый котяра.

— Это мой кот. Зовут Модем.

— Почему Модем?

— Смотри. — берет веник, тычет в кота. — Модем! Коннект!


— Шшшшшшшшш. . .

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