Ayinger Braeu Wheat Light

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Original gravity: 8.8 % by weight
Alcohol content: 3.2 % by volume
Bottle capacity: 0.5 l
This beer is a relatively dark, yeasty wheat beer, which has for its low original gravity of a typical beer exceptionally aromatic flavor and is quite full-bodied Antrunk. Also, you can feel intensely
The top fermented yeast in the engine and smell - a real thirst relieving alternative and a drink for the calorie conscious, reduced alcohol consumption. Lovers of Light Ayinger Brau-Weisse mean: "You think you drink a real Wheat beer, the light-Ayinger Brau Weisse wheat beer has the full flavor."

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Муж жене:

— Ну наконец—то я получил зарплату.

— Ну и где же она?

— Ну выпил по дороге кружку пива.

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